Beautiful travel destination

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Beautiful travel destination

In the past, I‘ve been writing a lot about many travel places you should visit. I traveled around the globe, and I’ve seen a lot of great countries. But I think I finally find the one that will keep a very special place in my heart. Sunny Island in Sicily is a collision of cultures for thousands of years, which marked the history and fate of the Sicilians, landscapes, and culture and not just once but many times, and without that Sicily would not be what it is today. A varied, colorful and unique, open and traditional, Sicily is totally different from others. And why Sicily is the right destination for your holidays, check here.

It is located in the heart of the Mediterranean and the eponymous sea. It was a logical place for the historic conflicts and the fight over territories because it was thought that Sicily has an ideal position for all maritime activities that a king may require. Sicily is the most southern Italian island, the fourth largest island in Europe and the largest Mediterranean island.

Because of its position, that has led to numerous historical conflicts, the beauty of Sicily caused collisions of cultures and civilizations, each leaving a part of themselves and finally made this island so attractive and popular destination. The spirit of Sicily was formed through the impact of ancient Greece, ancient Rome, and then later with the influence of the Western culture and the Catholic religion with totally different Norman and Arab cultures. Since for many years Sicily was a Greek colony, there has been a strong influence of Greek mythology and Greek architecture. This set of influences resulted in the fact that the Sicilians, although the Italians, are the type of people for themselves, and they love to stand out, and most importantly they like to welcome tourists around the world, and because of their warmth they are making your journey to Sicily unforgettable.


Because of the already mentioned position, it is logical to go to Sicily in summer. There you will find one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe. They are sandy and well organized. My recommendations are beaches such as Lido di Mortelle, Giardini Naxos, and San Vito La Kapo. Beside traditional seaside activities, much more you can visit on this island. The most important cities in Sicily are Palermo as the capital, Catania, and Syracuse, which represents the center of cultural life. While visiting Palermo, you can go and see Monreale, a nearby town in which you may find Monreale Cathedral with mosaics dating from the 12th century that takes the breath away. Palermo is the capital of Sicily, and it was built in the 8th century BC, and there are approximately 1.2 million people. This city has some attractions. As the most important port, Palermo became the first cosmopolitan city, and because of that, most diverse nations lived there ever since it’s beginning. A true example of the diversity of the city is the Cathedral of Palermo, which changed its purpose three times. From the pagan Norman temple became Arab mosque, to finally get the purpose of the Christian church in the eleventh century.

So if you don’t know where to go this summer, look no further!

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Visiting Sarasota, Florida – Top 5 Beaches and attractions

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Visiting Sarasota, Florida – Top 5 Beaches and attractions

Sarasota County in Florida is one of the most popular traveling places in the USA today; it has 35 miles of breathtaking, amazing beaches to offer to its visitors and a lot more attractions for both tourists and residents. If you decided to visit Sarasota, you absolutely have to check out its outstanding beaches and visit an art museum, famous circus museum, theaters and other wonders of Sarasota.

siesta-key-beach-1024x690The number one on our list is surely Siesta Key Beach. Siesta Key Beach isn’t only the winner of our list; it was rated number 1 beach in the USA in the national poll which speaks enough of itself. White powdery sand, warm temperature and the sunshine of Siesta Key Beach are the reason why travelers are coming back to visit it each year. Most of the tourists described their experience with this beach as love at first sight. You can choose what you want to do; you can collect sea shells, sunbathe or take long walks on the beach, no matter what you choose you won’t leave this beach disappointed.

98c22956b677b3656f89392b898cb4f6The second place is shared by two Sarasota best beaches for family trips – Caspersen and Venice Beach. Shark tooth
collecting is one of the biggest attractions in Sarasota County and it is the reason why Caspersen and Venice beaches became so popular in the recent times. They are even called Shark Tooth Capitals of the World. If you and your family like exploring the beaches, finding sea shells and shark teeth, these two beaches are perfect for you. Also, you can enjoy their outstanding landscapes and try out surfing or fishing.

lido-beach-siesta-key-850x500Lido Beach is the third on our list. It is also family-friendly beach so if you are traveling with your family and you don’t like crowded places this is the perfect beach for you. You don’t have to carry beach equipment with you at all, everything you need is there. You can rent umbrellas and beach chairs, white sand beaches are perfect for spending hot summer days on the beach, if you don’t like the sea so much, there is Lido Pool, which offers free entrance for children.

CoquinaBeach3-LThe fourth place goes to Coquina Beach; this endless beach stretches out throughout the whole southern end of Anna Maria Island. Calm water and relaxing atmosphere make this beach perfect for relaxation and escape from everyday worries. You can let your children bathe on their own, and you won’t have anything to worry about, safe waters and a clear horizon are guaranteed. If you are a dolphin lover, you will love the fact that Coquina beach is perfect dolphin watching attraction.

If you don’t like the beach so much, you can always visit New York and its endless attractions which will be as interesting. Visiting Central Park, Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty is also an amazing way to spend your vacation. Also, if you have time for a stroll check out these Central South Park, New York homes and get to know New York better, you might even want to buy some real estate for yourself.

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